Frequently Asked Questions

Who founded Reachout Now?

A group of like minded friends wanted to find an efficient way to channel resources and funds towards relief efforts in different parts of the world with minimum expenditure on operational or administrative costs. These friends shared a common vision to help others and try to make a difference. The motto for Reachout Now is literally “reaching out now”.

Why is Reachout needed now?

We take on projects that donors can relate to by seeing them come to fruition in a relatively short period of time. Many people become disenchanted handing over money to organisations in the third world, not knowing whether it will end up in corrupt hands or be wasted. We want to allay those fears by delivering the projects ourselves. We aim to be fully transparent and accountable. We provide pictures, videos, receipts, letters and all documents involved in our projects. We simply do not want to hand over money to large organisations; we have hands on involvement with specific groups and communities where donors can directly relate to the money donated. (Please refer to our projects page where this is visible)

How are projects selected to receive funding from Reachout Now?

Projects will be selected using a well defined and pre-set selection criteria. A coordinated and rigorous review process is conducted by the trustees of Reachout Now and recommendations from any non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that the foundation is partnered with.

How will Reachout Now ensure proper and effective use of funds?

Reachout Now will plan and implement all projects with the support and help of subject matter experts, NGOs and the local Government. Trustees will assist in monitoring, controlling and use of Reachout Now funds to ensure that funds are used properly and effectively.

Are contributions to Reachout Now in the UK tax deductible?

Yes, Reachout Now is a registered UK Charity and therefore, all contributions to Reachout Now are tax deductible.