Orphanage, Tanzania, 2011

Reachout Now's main project for 2011 is to build an orphanage for street children on the outskirts of Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania, East Africa.

The number of vulnerable and homeless children in Tanzania is continually rising, and help is urgently required. Reachout Now has partnered with a local charity: Kind Heart Africa, headed by Reverend IIukpitiye Pannasekara Thero
of Dar-es-salaam.

Reachout Now will be responsible for building one of two dormitories at the orphanage, accommodating 100 children.
It will include bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms, a lounge and a kitchen. There will also be a community hall built, offering
counselling and family life education services.

Key project facts:

No. Children expected to benefit: 100
Cost of building the Orphanage: £45,000 GBP
Expected time to raise funds and complete the construction of the
12 Months
How will the Project be managed?
The project will be overseen by Rev Thero in Tanzania and Reachout Now
Trustee Joshi Sathyavan.
How will the orphanage be run and maintained?
The orphanage will be maintained by paid staff and volunteers, overseen by
Rev Thero of the Kind Heart Africa charity. The centre is also aiming at
forming partnership with local organisations that will support its activities