Who are Reachout Now?

Reachout Now is a UK registered charity that works with local communities on projects to improve education, health and quality of life, with a particular focus on children's welfare. It was started in 2002 and projects have been successfully run in countries around the world including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Togo, Tanzania, Guatemala and most recently, Combodia. Typical projects include the building of orphanages, schools and medical units for those most vulnerable – children in developing countries.

What makes Reachout Now different?

Many large charitable organisations spend a large proportion of donations on administration costs. Reachout Now differentiates itself by ensuring that 100% of donations are directly used to fund projects in some of the poorest developing countries across the world. All administration costs are borne by the trustees, so you can directly and tangibly see the impact that YOUR donations have on people's lives.

How are projects selected by Reachout Now?

Projects undergo stringent selection criteria to ensure that the best usage of donations is made, to help those who need it most. A coordinated and rigorous review process is conducted by the trustees of Reachout Now, involving on-site visits to the prospective beneficiary location. Reachout Now has also formed partnerships with a number of local Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), who assist with providing local support and knowledge to projects.


To improve the health, education and quality of life for underprivileged children in developing countries, with special emphasis on orphans and those with disabilities.

  • To spread awareness of the plight of underprivileged children worldwide
  • To actively promote and organise charity fundraising events
  • To identify project candidates and perform necessary due diligence, research and planning
  • To effectively execute projects together with local organisations and people, to ensure continuity of support and care
  • To ensure transparency, credibility and accountability.
General Appeal

Are you interested in being part of this organisation?

We are looking for like-minded, committed people to join our organisation so if you are interested then please contact any of the trustees or email trustees@reachoutnow.org