Medical Unit, Nepal

Providing a mobile ambulance unit in Lumbini, Nepal

In 2004, Reachout Now provided a mobile ambulance unit to Crossflow Nepal Trust a local NGO. Crossflow Nepal Trust, in collaboration with local government, operate this mobile medical unit three times week around rural areas of Lumbini, Nepal manned by volunteer doctors and nurses from city Hospital. In this area, local people had to walk miles and miles or wait days to get medical help. The local government, people and Crossflow were really greatful for Reachout Now donation of Medical unti as this ensured that greater number of people could be helped.

In 2012, after 8 years Trustee Haresh and Jagruti with their children visited Nepal and during their trip they visited Lumbini where the Crossflow medical centre was still running strong and helping people in rural areas. Not only the medical unit for still running but trustee managed to go and visit the site in the mobile unit. The centre had looked after the unit for 8 years and this unit has helped thousands of people over the 8 year period.