Schools, East India

Schools for Tribal Areas in East India

Project Building 10 (2 Class room) Schools for 4 to 9 year olds

Project Location In Tribal area of East India in Jharkhand and West Bengal States

Project Beneficiaries 10 Villages with approx. people of 6000 people

Project Description Building 10 (2 Classroom) schools for tribal people in the most remote area of West Bengal and Jharkhand States in East India. There most people do not send children to school due to nearest government schools are 10km walk into the town. The new schools will be built within the village run by 2 teachers funded by Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram. The school will be built on solid structure with windows and lights to protect kids from weather elements. There will toilets and water facilities delivered to ensure children’s hygiene is taken into account.

Project Background Reachout Now Trustee visited the tribal areas to ensure due diligence was carried. Only after discussion and agreement with local people, it was determined that villages needed schools and health clinics the most to help them.